This kinds of wordpress errors are common and every user get trapped in them, daily.And, also gets removed after the process.

Have you ever got stuck in – ‘‘Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance.Check back in a minute.’’ error? if you’re a wordpress user, then you might have gone through this error.[Hosting Windows Vs Linux]

.Check back in a minute.’ message to the visitor, which means that the website is updating and you should visit after a couple of minutes.

Steps To Fix WordPress Scheduled Maintenance Error:

1) Login to your cPanel

2) Go to file manager and open public_html folder

3) Here, you will find .maintenance file

Note : If you don’t find the .maintenance file, then click on settings option (right top corner) and select the show hidden files option

4) Right click and simply delete the file

5) Thats it!! By doing the above process, it would disable your wordpress maintenance and your website will be back in normal mode.[For Website You Good Why A Your Web Need Hosting]

Finally, share this article with every wordpress user, so that they could easy face this wordpress maintenance error in future.

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So, this is how you can fix the wordpress scheduled maintenance error in four simple quick steps.Check back in a minute’’ Error?

You have understood that why this type of wordpress maintenance error occurs, but the main point is that how we can fix it?

Well, such types of errors gets automatically fixed in some time.[Website Conversion Brand Triggers Leverage Rates Increase To Emotional]

But, in some cases, while updating these themes and plugins, when a visitor opens your website/blog, it shows the ‘Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance.But, you no need to worry about it, as in this article we are going to discuss a quick solution for this wordpress maintenance error.

But, if the error last longs for more than a minute, then you should take action over it.And, i hope you’ve fixed your wordpress maintenance error from this tutorial.[InterShield Evolves]

Why This WordPress Maintenance Error Appears?

It often occurs, whenever a wordpress user install/update a plugin or theme.And, this can be done by deleting a kilobytes file, i.e, “.maintenance“.

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How To Fix This ‘‘Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance.While updating the plugin, wordpress enables the maintenance mode and after the installation, it disables the maintenance mode.[WordPress Top For Plugins GDPR]

Updating two or more plugins at a same time, can also show this error.So, you should know that how you can fix this issue without any technical support team.

While updating any application, this file gets automatically generated in the wordpress root folder.But, in most cases, we have to fix them manually.[12 Say Get That Clients Creatives Only Will Things]
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